19 October, 2017

Important Dance Forms of India for Competitive Exams

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Important  Dance Forms of India

Dance is a cultural tradition. An ancient time’s dance is the spiritual and religious tradition of India. Dance is an art to express human feelings of joy and happiness. Dance is only way to communicate using body, eyes, expressions. Mainly Indian dances are categorized into two type’s classical and folk (tribal) dance.

Classical Dance:

The Classical dances of India are usually spiritual in content. The Indian classical dances are eight recognized by sangeet natak akademi. Classical dances are famous in the world.

Important classical dances in India

S.NoDance NameState
1. Bharatha natyam Tamil nadu
2. Kuchipudi Andhra Pradesh
3. MohinittanKerala
4. Kathakali Kerala
5.Odissi Odisha
6. Kathak Rajasthan,UP
7.Sattriya Assam
8.Manipuri Manipur

Folk (Tribal) Dance:

Tribal area dance is folk. It is religious in nature and tribal area tradition. Indian dances are simple dances. They celebrate any usual occasions with this type of dance.

Important Folk (Tribal) dances in india

S.NoDance NameState
1. GiddhaPunjab
2. Bhangra Punjab
3. DumhalJammu and Kashmir
4.Saang Haryana
5. GarbaGujarat
6. Dandiya RaasGujarat
7.Nati Himachal Pradesh
8. KaragamTamil Nadu
9.Bihu Assam
10. ChholiyaUttarakhand
11.Raaslila Uttar Pradesh
12.Ghoomar Rajasthan
13.Kalbelia Rajasthan
14. KhayalRajasthan
15. Ottam Thullal Kerala
16. TheyyamNorth Kerala
17. Yakshaganam Karnataka
18. Jatra West Bengal

Dance Forms General Knowledge Online Quiz

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