11 November, 2017

Boundary Lines Between Countries

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Boundary Lines

We collected the list of international boundary lines. We covered almost all boundary lines. Exam point of view we divided two categories those are important boundary lines and other boundary lines.

Focus on the first category for exams in that remember international boundary lines of India. Mostly we can expect questions on boundaries of India with neighboring countries. Questions would be the boundary line between India and Bangladesh, boundary line between India and Nepal, and 20th parallel north line between which countries.

Important Boundary Lines

S.NoBoundry LineCountries
1. Radcliff line India and pakisthan
2. Mc Mohan line India and china
3. Durand LineIndia and Afghanisthan
4. Line of Control India and Pakistan
5.Hindenburg Line Germany and Poland.
6.Maginot Line France and Germany
7.Oder Neisse Line Germany and Poland
8.Seigfried LineGermany and France
9.Durand LinePakistan and Afghanistan
10. Mannerheim Line Russia and Finland
11. Siegfrid LineFrance and Germany
12.Marginal Line Russia-Finland border
13. Line of Actual ControlIndia & China on the Northern Border
14. 49th parallel lineU.S and Canada
15.17th ParallelNorth Vietnam and South Vietnam
16. 38th ParallelNorth Korea and South Korea.

Other Boundary Lines

S.NoBoundry LineCountries
1. Blue Line Isreal and Lebanon
2. Purple LineIsrael and Syria
3. Green LineIsrael and its neighbours (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria)
4. Mason–Dixon lineMaryland and Pennsylvania/Delaware in Colonial America
5.Curzon Line Poland and Russia
6.Military Demarcation Line (MDL) or Armistice Line North Korea and South Korea
7.Mannar haime lineRussia and Finland
8.Order Neisse LineGermany and Poland (Secound World War)
9.Hindenburg LinePoland and Germany (First World War)
10. Sigfried Line East France and Germany (Second world war)
11. 16 Parallel NorthAngola and Namibia
12.24th ParallelIndia and Pakistan, not accepted by India
13.20 Parallel NorthLibya and Sudan
14. 22 Parallel NorthEgypt and Sudan
15.25 Parallel NorthMauritania and Mali
16. 26 Parallel NorthWestern Sahara and Mauritania.
17.31 Parallel North Iraq and Iran
18.35 Parallel NorthTennessee and Mississippi, Tennnessee and Alabama, Tennesse and Georgia, North Carolina and Georgia (US)
19.36 Parallel North Southernmost boundary of the state of Missouri with the state of Arkansas (US)
20.40 Parallel North Nebraska and Kansas (US)
21.41 Parallel North wyoming and utah border, Wyoming and colorado, Nebraska and Colorado.
22.42 Parallel Northnew york and Pennsylvania Border
23. 43 Parallel North Nebraska and state of south Dakota
24. 45 Parallel NorthMontana and wyoming
25. 49 Parallel North (Medicine Line) USA and Canada

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