15 November, 2017

Revolutions in India and Their Fathers

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Revolutions in India and Their Father

The revolution is a fundamental change in organizational structure that takes place in a short period of time. Revolution is necessary when the population rises up. A revolution is an event that attempts to change a nation, region or society.

Revolutions vary in their motives and their aims. Revolution dictionary meaning is ‘forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favor of the new system.

Revolution in India and Their Father

S.NoRevolution NameRelated ProductFather of Revolution
1Black revolutionCrude oil, Petrol
2Blue revolutionFish and aquaDr. Arun krishnan.
3Brown revolutionLeather, Cocoa
4Golden revolution Fruits, Honey, Horticulture Nirpakh tutej.
5Golden fiber revolution Jute
6Green revolution Agriculture Norman borlong
7Gray revolutionFertilizers
8Pink revolutionOnions, Pharmaceuticals, PrawnsDurgesh Patel.
9Red revolutionMeat, Tomoto Visual tewari.
11Evergreen revolutionIntended for overall agriculture production growthStarted in 11th 5 year plan.
12Round revolutionPotato
13Silver fiber revolutionCotton
14Silver revolutionEggsIndira Gandhi.
15White revolutionMilk Verghese kurien.
16Yellow revolutionOil seedsSam pitroda
17Protein revolution Higher production (2nd green revolution)
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