05 February, 2018

Current Affairs of Today, February 05, 2018 - SBI, SSC, Clerk

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Current affairs of 5th February. We have provided newspaper based important topics for competitive exams. We are publishing current affairs after reading and analysis of newspaper.

Maldivian government remain defiant amid political crisis.


The maldivian government remained defiant on sunday.

Attorney general tells political crisis.

The attorney general instructing law enforcement agencies not to obey a recent supreme court ruling and ordering.

Mumbai airport jets created record world record.

chhatrapati shivaji airport

The mumbai chhatrapati shivaji airport single run way 980 arrivals and take offs in 24 hours, it has become the worlds busiest single runway.

The world record for single runway operations by handling 980 arrivals and take offs in 24 hours or almost one flight every minute.

The mumbai chhatrapati shivaji airport bettered its own feat of of 974 flights in 24 hours recored on december 6, 2017.

The Chandrayaan-2 mission will be launched this year.


ISRO needs 4 years to catch up with satellite demand

ISRO aim is to meet the immediate requirement with a target of 18 launches per year

ISRO have 43 satellites in space — for communication, earth observation and navigation.

To meet the present national requirement, It need an equal number of satellites in addition.

Maruti’s Ayukawa bats for hybrid vehicles (make motors and batteries).


Maruti's says time needed to develop charging infrastructure, capability to make motors and batteries for EVs.

Car market leader Maruti Suzuki is rooting for hybrid vehicles as a better solution to address country’s environmental concerns amid India’s plans to move to an all electric vehicle fleet


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