20 June, 2019

English Vocabulary Quiz 6

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English Vocabulary Quiz

Advanced English vocabulary quiz activities to improve vocabulary knowledge. We are providing daily online quizzes for vocabulary. This quiz is useful for testing your knowledge and learning. Take a daily vocabulary dose.

1. Utter exhaustion; mental, emotional, and physical drain.

Correct Answer: Option B

Parts of Speech: Noun

Synonyms: Debilitation, Debility, Delicacy, Weakness, Enfeeblement, Faintness, Feebleness, Fragility, Frailness, Frailty, Infirmity, Languidness, Languor, Listlessness, Lowness

Antonyms: Hardihood, Hardiness, Robustness, Strength, Vigor


The quality or state of lacking physical strength or vigor.

2. Surrender.

Correct Answer: Option B, D

Parts of Speech: Verb

Synonyms: Synergy, Teamwork, Cooperation, Collaboration,

Antonyms: Antagonism,Blockage, Delay, Disagreement, Discord, Disunion, Disunity,Division, Divorce, Encumbrance, Handicap, Hindrance, Hostility, Hurt, Injury,Management, Obstruction, Prevention, Separation, Stoppage, Stop


The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

3. Tongue-lashing.

Correct Answer: Option B

Parts of Speech: Noun

Synonyms: Punishment, Chastisement, Comeuppance, Correction, Desert(S), Discipline, Nemesis, Penalty, Wrath

Antonyms: Forgiveness, Pardon, Absolution, Acquittal, Amnesty, Commutation, Condonation, Disregard, Exculpation, Exemption, Exoneration, Forgiveness,Immunity, Impunity, Indemnity, Overlooking, Pardon, Parole, Release,Remission, Remitment, Reprieve, Vindication


Suffering, loss, or hardship imposed in response to a crime or offense.

4. Self-denial.
  • A.


  • B.


  • C.


  • D.


Correct Answer: Option A

Parts of Speech: Noun

Synonyms: Continence, Self-Abnegation, Self-Denial, Sobriety, Temperance

Antonyms: Self-indulgence, Gluttony, Greed, Hedonism, Rapaciousness, Rapacity, Self-Indulgence, Sensuality, Voraciousness, Voracity


Voluntary restraint in the satisfaction of one's appetites.

5. Denial; destruction.

Correct Answer: Option C

Parts of Speech: Verb

Synonyms: Contradiction, Denegation, Disallowance, Disavowal, Disclaimer, Disconfirmation, Denial, Rejection, Repudiation

Antonyms: Acknowledgment, Admission, Avowal, Confirmation


A Refusal to confirm the truth of a statement.

6. A Lopping off of one's head.

Correct Answer: Option A

Parts of Speech: Noun

Synonyms: Beheading, Execution, Hanging, De-collation

Antonyms: Disregard, Failure, Ignorance, Leaving, Neglect, Abandoning, Forgetting


The action of cutting off the head of a person or animal.

7. Summary; review of main points.

Correct Answer: Option C

Parts of Speech: Noun

Synonyms: Abstract, Breviary, Brief, Capsule, Conspectus, Digest, Encapsulation, Epitome, Inventory, Outline, Précis, Recap, Summary, Résumé (Or Resume Also Resumé), Roundup, Rundown, Run-Through, Sum, Summa, Summarization, Summing-Up, Sum-Up, Synopsis, Wrap-Up

Antonyms: Addendum, Amplification, Caenogenesis, Cainogenesis, Cenogenesis, Enlargement, Expansion, Kainogenesis, Kenogenesis, Supplement


A short statement of the main points.

8. A Working together for greater effect.

Correct Answer: Option C

Parts of Speech: Noun

Synonyms: Capitulating, Surrender, Cession, Handover, Relinquishment, Rendition, Submission, Submitting

Antonyms: Resistance


The usually forced yielding of one's person or possessions to the control of another.

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