01 August, 2018

Protect Computer from Hackers

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Protect Computer from Hackers

When I know about computer administrator and user passwords are not secure. I thought about a strong password. A Strong password may stop unauthorized PC access.

Here strong password is not an increase of character, numbers, and symbols. Some advanced users (with software) can remove any type of password, even though length 16(numerical, Symbol, Alphabets) can’t stop the unauthorized PC .

Long length passwords do not give you security for PC. I believe for every problem there should be a solution. we have to find.

Here is a solution syskey, to make PC protect from hackers. Hackers and advanced computer users difficult to remove a syskey password. If you forgot this password, unable to gain PC access. It is a strong password for a personal computer.

Introduction of Computer Security:

Computer security is also known as the cybersecurity or IT security. Security is the protection of computer systems from the information theft or protection of the information on them.

An unauthorized PC access may occur without security. Security includes controlling software access to the operating system, as well as protecting against harm.

Computer software is a part of a computer system that consists of encoded information or computer instructions, in the physical hardware.

Follow Steps to Stop Unauthorized PC Access:

  1. Use windows shortcut WIN+R or type Run in a bottom of search box for programs.
  2. Type syskey in run command window then enter/OK.
  3. Allow SAM lock tool by clicking yes.
  4. Then click on update button.
  5. Select password startup radio button.
  6. Enter a password and confirm then click OK.
  7. Done. Remember this password and use when you start windows operating system.

if you forgot this password, unable to access your pc any way (hard to decode syskey password). So you should remember. Other pc passwords not secure even administrator password.

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