17 August, 2018

Parts of Speech in English

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Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech:

The English grammar is mainly based on parts of speech. In the English language we have 8 parts of speech. The main parts of speech are noun, pronoun, adjective, determiner, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection.

1. Noun:

A noun is a word which names a person, place, animal, action, quality, feeling or anything.

Noun words are Geeta, girl, team, silver, India etc.

  • Geeta is a good girl.
  • I love India.

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2. Pronoun:

The pronoun is an advancement of a noun, which is used instead of a noun.

Pronoun words are I, we, you, she, it, they, me, us, her, him, mine, myself, ourself, yourself, herself, itself, ours, yours, hers, theirs.

  • She is my sister
  • They are my friends

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3. Verb:

The verb is a word, which expresses an action.

Verb words are eating, doing, cooking, fighting, working etc.

  • She sings a song
  • Raju is eating.

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4. Adverb:

An adverb is a word, which enlarges the meaning of a verb.

Adverb words are now, immediately, already, now, here, somewhere, there, anywhere, bravely, sweetly, slowly, intelligently, very, almost, loud, enough, so fast, twice, late, always, never, then, as fast as, most.

  • He walks quickly
  • I can go anywhere in the world.

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5. Adjective:

The adjective is a word which enlarges the meaning of the noun.

Adjective words are innocent, good, some, half, sufficient, much, two, any number, many, few, many, anyone, that, those, which, what.

  • She is a beautiful girl.
  • Priya is an innocent girl.

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6. Prepositions:

The prepositions are placed before a noun or pronoun show relation between noun and pronoun.

Proposition words are on, in, to, of, for, with, by, form, up, down, at, though, till, about, behind, without, above, across, within, besides, between, inside, outside, before, against, into, out of, thought out, without, within, upon.

  • The book is on the table.
  • Check instructions before filling an application.

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7. Interjection:

The Interjection tells some sudden or emotional feelings.

Interjection words are alas! hush, hello, hurray, oh, wow, what.

  • alas! He demised.
  • Hurray! We won the match.

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8. Conjunction:

The Conjunction is word which, joins one word to another word or join one sentence to another.

Conjunction words are and, either…or, neither…nor, not only…but also, so…that, as…as, both…and, though…yet.

  • Nandu takes tea or coffee
  • Raju and Ramu both are good friends.

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