09 June, 2019

Download Youtube Videos Free

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Download Youtube Videos

Sometimes you may not happy with regular watching videos on YouTube. The streaming feature helps you to play YouTube videos on VLC player instead of YouTube website.

So whenever you unhappy with YouTube website to watch videos, you can just copy video link and paste into VLC player.

You can download original video, instead of low-quality videos by using the VLC player. You can download the original video by using right mouse click and save as option in a browser that’s it. This looks very simple and cool technique.

Introduction of VLC Player

VLC player is often used for playing video clips/read multimedia files, Video LAN Client to stream video files from the web. We know about VLC player.

We usually use this software for playing videos and sometimes video streaming from the web. It is open source software completely free. It is featured player for PC. It reads all multimedia files.

We can increase up to 400% volume, it is unique feature compared to other players. We can download subtitles file and upload into VLC player for movies. We can take screenshots while playing video, where ever we want. I will tell you another hidden feature in this player.

If you don't have installed software on your system, here is a link to download now.

This software is always available in your system because regular usage software. YouTube does not allow downloading videos to PC by default.We can download YouTube videos with the help of VLC player. It is so simple and easy.

Follow steps to download youtube videos with VLC player:

  1. Get YouTube URL from browser any video URL that you want.
  2. Eg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNfsIlHsScU

  3. Open VLC player and find media tab by default first.
  4. Right mouse click on open network stream or select by using keyboard.
  5. Paste copied YouTube URL into box.
  6. Then click on play button bottom of the window.
  7. Right mouse click on video while playing and select codec information.
  8. Then copy location box URL, you can find bottom of the window.
  9. Copied URL paste into any browser address bar and enter to load.
  10. Now playing video on browser window, just right mouse click on video and select SaveAs option.
  11. Now downloading original video from web enjoy.

This trick helps you to learn VLC player usage. If you want to download YouTube videos, you can use this trick.

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