19 June, 2019

How to Create Commands in Windows

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Create Commands

We know about run command box remembers history. We can select previously used commands. You can say run command remembers all the past used commands.

When you use more commands in the run box, it difficult to find required name sometimes. Here I am introducing trick to avoid long text typing and we can change a name of programs as our wish.

Here is a great trick to create commands. You can create commands, more than one in windows operating system.

You know how to locate control panel but when you use this trick, you can give a short name to control panel application.

For example, if you want to browse 'Control Panel', just type 'CP' instead of a control panel. After using this trick control panel command will be 'CP'.

These computer tricks not only save your time, it also improves your computer skills. It is very cool computer trick.

You should know these basic computer tricks. Computer tricks and tips make basic user to some advanced user.

Introduction of RUN

The Run command is often used to open an application or document. It functions more as a single command line interface on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

RUN is used to start program execution from the direct mode in the basic programming language or to start a program from a loader program.

In windows operating system we often browse applications/programs through windows button (start) then All Programs then application.exe file.

Another way is to locate programs, my computer then C:/ drive then program files then applications .exe file.

Some advanced computer users browse applications through RUN commands by pressing or using 'WIN+R'.

Steps to Create Commands in Windows:

  1. Create a shortcut on desktop by right mouse click and choose New then click on Shortcut.
  2. You will have a box, paste path address or browse .exe file, program path manually.
  3. This time I am choosing Mozilla Firefox browser. Select C: / drive then program files then Mozilla Firefox shortcut file.
  4. Type Short name as your wish for command. This time FF.
  5. Rename


  6. Then Copy/Cut created a shortcut and paste into c:\windows folder.
  7. Done. If you want, you can check.

Steps to Check Command:

  1. Use windows shortcut key WIN+R.
  2. Type FF, Then click on OK/enter.
  3. Done. You will see opened Firefox.

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