Keyloggers for Windows

How to Fool Keyloggers

What is Keylogger:

You might have heard about a dangerous application called Keylogger. It's a very tricky tool to record your keystrokes in a notepad file. Whenever you type anything using keyboard, this software stores all your keystrokes.

These days everybody is more interested in spying on someone, in college, at work, in the home.

If you access the Internet from any cyber cafe or any public PC, this post is a must for you. Keylogger is many hackers and script kiddies’ favorite tool.

Types of Keyloggers:

  1. Software keyloggers
  2. Hardware keyloggers

1. Software Keyloggers:

The software keylogger is small software, you need to install that software on victim computers. It is software, which records each and every keystroke you enter, including mouse clicks.

Software keylogger can be installed in the victim’s system even if they use security updated. Which make a keylogger undetectable by latest antivirus? .There are many keyloggers available in the market with various features. Let's See.

1. Ardamax keylogger

Ardamax keylogger

  • Capture chats
  • Visual surveillance
  • Advanced security
  • Remain invisible
  • Monitor remotely
  • Use the microphone to record audio
  • I suggest you to Download and Install.
Other Alternatives:
  1. Perfect keylogger
  2. Invisible keylogger
  3. Win-spy
  4. Free Keylogger
  5. Revealer Keylogger Free
  6. DanuSoft Free Keylogger
  7. Real Free Keylogger
  8. KidLogger
  9. Actual Keylogger
  10. BlackBox Express
  11. G3 ISam
  12. Spyrix Free Keylogger
  13. Ardamax Keylogger
  14. Myjad Keylogger
  15. Simple Python Keylogger
  16. Any Keylogger
  17. Ultimate Keylogger

2. Hardware Keyloggers:

Hardware keyloggers are also available, which will be inserted between keyboard and CPU. This is a thumb-sized device. It records all the keystrokes you enter from the keyboard then saves it, in its memory. Later this data will be analyzed.

The drawback of this device is, it can’t record mouse clicks, can’t take screenshots.

Hardly has it taken a minute to install this software/hardware in victim’s system, from next second onwards attacker will get every activity going on in victim’s computer.

What they are chatting, which sites they are browsing, victim usernames, passwords what’s not? Each and every activity happening in victims system with screenshots will be recorded.

This activity will be saved in victims system or it can be mailed how attackers do this along with protection techniques.

1. USB Key logger

USB Key logger

  • Huge memory capacity (up to 8 gigabytes)
  • Strong 128-bit encryption
  • Super fast memory contents download
  • Works with any USB keyboard
  • Undetectable for security scanners
  • Quick and easy national layout support
  • Transparent to computer operation
  • Ultra compact and discreet
  • I suggest you to Download and Install.
Other Alternatives
  1. Keyllama Keylogger.
  2. SerialGhost
  3. Airdrive Keylogger Pro

Tricks to Fool Keyloggers:

Yes, it is possible to fool a keylogger.

Just think, You went outside you must access a public computer and you don’t have other choices – feeling afraid. Don’t worry there are many ways of fooling keyloggers. It is a little tricky and somewhat difficult but surely worthy.

1. Use Virtual Keyboard, whenever you access PC from any cyber cafe. Use Virtual Keyboard or On-Screen Keyboard for entering the password.

How to enable virtual keyboard: Press windows button and type OSK.

Just use mouse clicks for entering password and username. By using the on-screen keyboard, the keylogger will never detect your keystrokes, thus your account will be safe.

2. Use Anti Keylogger software. If you do not know whether keylogger is installed or not. You can use software called Elite Anti Keylogger. It has more than 1000 known keyloggers and will warn you immediately. It will detect any keylogger.

3. If you want to type a password, never type the complete password directly. Additionally, you can also use spaces with your passwords as spaces are not readable. Use 2-3 spaces after or in the end for all your passwords.

We should confuse keylogger by giving keys which are not there in our password and removing them by using keys like delete, page down, page up, up, down, left, right keys.

Key logger’s job is to record all the keystrokes we enter. This is what we studied earlier. So, to fool a keylogger, enter unnecessary keys along with the password.

Still confused? Let’s see the example,

Example to Fool Keylogger :

Ex: if my password is 123456, then keylogger will record 123456 as it is, whenever I enter in the password box. To fool a keylogger, I will type in password dk21e3294H15h06 (left arrow & 2 times backspace in sequence for 5 times) then final output is 123456 which is required text.

Don’t go to the internet café without any preparation. If you want to access you’re your mail, social networking sites or bank accounts, you must fool keyloggers. Whenever you need to type a password, never type the complete password directly. If it is hardware keylogger use online screen keyboard. To open this go to Run and type OSK.

Note: If you want to be safe side don’t use unknown computers. Recommended tip is to use your own computer.

There are many keyloggers that are not detected by antivirus and other security applications.

Take Precautions.

  • Bring your own Computer!
  • Check for Hardware Keyloggers
  • Use a USB Stick to secure your Personal Data
  • Use Anti-Keylogger or KeyScrambler Programs on your USB drive
  • Subscribe for OTP – One Time Passwords for Online Banking
  • Use Mail forwarding for simply checking your Yahoo or Gmail

Credit: Sai Satish (Indian Servers CEO)