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Security is freedom from unwanted change, or against, the potential harm caused by others.

Mobile security is the protection of portable computing devices. If mobile connect to networks threats and vulnerabilities associated with wireless computing. Mobile security is also known as wireless security.

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1. Avast Antivirus:

Avast Antivirus

Avast is a great Android phone app to provide protection against viruses and many other threats.

It is the most trusted free antivirus for Android which alerts you when spyware, adware get installed and violate your privacy.

This app is now free with ads. You can remove ads paying a monthly or yearly premium<.

The free version includes app locking, a call blocker, firewall and even an anti-theft measure allowing you to lock or wipe your Android device remotely. It has advanced features like SIM security, camera trap, etc.

  • Call blocking
  • Anti-theft feature
  • It shows how much time spent on each app.
  • Junk cleaner for wiping cache and residual files
  • Photo vault for securing
  • photographs against unwanted access
  • Web shield for safe web browsing
  • Ad supported

2. NoRoot Firewall:

NoRoot Firewall

Android apps might be using mobile data unnecessarily and eating up your data.

NoRoot Firewall has control of Internet access to the apps. You can use without rooting your device.

You can check internet access permissions of each individual app. The app restricts the access of Internet wifi data or mobile data.

If you don’t want to root your device but want a firewall, use NoRoot Firewall.

  • Enable mobile data or wifi or neither or both.
  • Ad supported

3. Permission Manager:

Permission Manager

It is the best for permission manager that can help to track or manage permissions.

You can restrict dangerous permissions which app requested.

Grant or deny app permissions for each application which is not required.

  • Quick access to special permission.
  • Display granted permission when opening an application.
  • Ad supported

4. AppLock :


App Lock is the security of mobile applications from unauthorized access. Users to put pin or pattern to access the app.

You can put a lock on your SMS, Contacts, Gmail or for that matter, any app.

Do not confuse with an app lock and main lock. Built-in main lock puts a lock on your device. Nothing can be accessed.

App Lock is used to lock the apps that you have selected.

  • Lock any app.
  • Not 100% secure.

5. LastPass:


Remembering passwords these days is quite tricky with users having multiple accounts online and each account having a different password.

LastPass is one of the best password managers available in the market which allows you to store passwords of your numerous accounts with extra layers.

You can access all of your passwords through the internet from any device.

Encrypted by a secret master password, all you need to remember is one LastPass password to access all of your passwords.

  • One encrypted place of your passwords.
  • All of your accounts in danger if someone accessed.

6. Authenticator:


Google Authenticator generates codes to access your high-security accounts i.e 2 step verification.

2-Step Verification provides stronger security for your online accounts that may be Google, facebook, amazon etc.

Each account requiring a second step of verification when you sign in. You need to enter generated codes to access a particular account.

2 step verification is nothing but In addition to your password.

  • Generates code without a data connection.
  • It works with accounts.
  • Automatic setup via QR code
  • Setup requires user accounts (dependent).

7. Find My Device

 Find My Device

Android Device Manager allows you to ring, find, lock, your Android device remotely.

It also allows you to wipe the device’s entire data if it by any chance it gets permanently out of your reach.

Find my device is easiest to set up and allows you to log in via someone else’s Android device manager and wipe data off your mobile.

  • Access your mobile remotely.
  • Internet is required to access.

8. Signal Private Messenger:

Signal Private Messenger

There are many secure messaging apps. However, most of them work only if both users use the same app.

However, Signal Private Messenger allows you to add an extra layer of security to regular SMS text messages even if one of the users is not using Signal Private Messenger. It is developed by Open Whisper System.

If you want an end to end encryption for your regular SMS’, Signal Private Messenger is undoubtedly the best app in the market.

  • Complete SMS app replacement.
  • Open Source
  • end to end encryption which means that nothing is stored on it
  • Servers encrypt messages even other side users are not using this app.
  • Encrypted voice isn't a full replacement feature.



ProtonMail is an encrypted email service. End to end encryption virtually impossible for unauthorized to read it except the sender and the recipient.

It is the world’s largest end to end encrypted email service with millions of users.

It has innovative features modern user interface, customizable swipe gestures.

You can send automatic expiring emails i.e. self-destruction with timer.

  • End-to-end encryption.
  • Easy-to-use
  • Open Source
  • ProtonMail is 100% free.
  • No catches.
  • Timers for self-destruction message after sending
  • Quickly organize emails.
  • Send password protected encrypted emails.
  • All mails locked no way to access if you forgot password.

10. Dont Touch My Phone:

Dont Touch My Phone

Don't Touch My Phone is an android app used for Theft Alarm.

This application protects your mobile phone from lifting or using unknown people.

It will notify you if someone will try to open your mobile secretly without your permission. This alarm keeps the mobile safe from thefts.

How to Use:

Click Start to activate. then Anti-theft Alarm starts in the background. If someone touches, You will be notified.

  • Different types of alarm sounds
  • Password is required to activate or deactivate the alarm.
  • Time delay for alarm sound.